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Caspian NavTel Company has successfully participated at the 16th Azerbaijan International “Telecommunications & Information Technologies” Exhibition – BAKUTEL 2010 on 23-26 November in Baku Expo Center. The exhibition is the largest one in Azerbaijan and brought together about 115 companies from 16 countries all over the world. The first day of the exhibition included the attendance of the President of our Republic.

The “Caspian NavTel” company successfully exhibited its navigation system and some components of this system were innovative. There were a lot of people around our stand during all exhibition period, what confirms people’s high interest to our products. The Azerbaijani map of our company was obviously the most comprehensive and detailed among other maps exposed to view.

Improved technical specifications of our devices, e.g. Internet and Bluetooth on car monitors and portable navigators and other high quality products were also demonstrated at the exhibition. Besides, it was possible to watch current work of car monitoring system at monitors. That was a map with a moving car where was installed a tracker system.

The carting competition was held between all participants at the end of the exhibition. The “Caspian NavTel” Company took the 3rd place between all participants and won the cup. Our company always strives for victory and leadership.