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To ensure that traffic jam info is sent to the program in automatic mode you shall check date and time in "Traffic jam" section of "Information" menu (Menu -> Map - Pocket PC and WinCE info, View - >Road condition - > Symbian information)

If date is old, ensure that:

  • Active map is uploaded on device (Information > Map: name of active map.)

Traffic jam info is sent on active map only! Map is active if:

  • Your position is identified through GPS (your position marker is shown on the map)
  • Route start point is manually marked on appropriate map
  • Map is manually loaded through Menu ->Map -> Open
  • Time is correct on your device (date and time both must be correct)


  • You activated traffic jam service for appropriate map on the web site (there is tick near the map)
  • Internet network is available on the device (open any web site through browser to check it)
  • In Internet (in some versions of the program Road service) section of the City Guide program settings you set:
    • Login and password (the same as login and password at www.probki.net)
    • Ticked "Receive updates" (connect to the network)
  • Map file on the device is not renamed and its name is absolutely the same as it was when you loaded it from Updates section (Original name of the map file you can find at detailed file description on our web site. Name of map file.)
  • There are no files with JAM and PROD.UPD extension with the file (map folder shall content only one file with the same name as map file has, all small files with this name (less than 10 kb) - shall be deleted from there).

If you made everything correct after calling Update function, successful connection with server shall appear in the program. After that in Traffic Jam section of Information window correct date and time will be set. If problem is not solved send us History.txt file from work folder of the program.

Attention! There are no History.txt file in programs for Symbian and iPhone, these programs users shall address to technical support and show login and program license number.