Caspian NavTel

"Caspian NavTel" Company is the largest company in Azerbaijan that deals with creation of the local electronic maps, appropriate softwares, providing, controlling and service of the appropriate equipment.
The Company was established in 2007. In spite of the short period of activity, "Caspian NavTel" has made the detailed electronic map that covers the whole territory of the country and made satellite navigation achievable by every person..

Car monitoring system just for 150 AZN

Regardless of your location, you can track your vehicles through a computer or a mobile phone.

7th version of City Guide
7th version of City Guide is already available for the purchase. This version of will please users with the following characteristics:
  • Voice greeting to the user at the start of the program;
  • Higher speed of search;
  • Preview of the places on the map during the search or address or POI;
  • The reflection of information about the searched POİ in separate window;
  • In the "My Favorites" item in the case of adding an additional element it can be assigned to this element the category for searching, address, contact information, and it will always be seen on the map with the marked icon (icon);
  • The ability to change the route color (7 colors);
  • Voice and a visible warning when speed increasing;
  • Voice and a visible warning when approaching to radar. Dubbing of the radar in the case of high speed automatically increases to 1000 m;
  • Voice and visible warnings on road signs;
  • Compact format of the dashboard while driving on the route;
  • Each floor of the buildings in the mode of 3D;
  • Ability to rotate card horizontally on its axis in 3D mode.

Those who wishes to obtain a license for the Android platform should pay the 19 AZN and get a permanent license.

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